Monday, October 31, 2011

Two Balls Less

Arthur got neutered last Friday. He is so cute when we take him to the vet. We put him in a harness instead of a cat carer because he is such a friendly cat and likes to walk around and meet people while in the waiting room. Everyone gets a kick out of it and Arthur loves it.

Here is a couple of pictures of him in the car on the way to the vet.

I walked in the other day on this. Buddy is the last of the animals in the household to come around to Arthur, but since then I have caught them several times cuddling and playing.

The Selfish Gene

I read this book for a class. I had to choose a book that was a science book, but not a text book. The teacher gave us a list of suggestions and I was happy to see this one on it. I have read Richard Dawkins before (The God Delusion) and although it is hard to get through I really enjoy the amount of knowledge he packs into his books. This is the first book he published and I had always wanted to read it and this gave me the push to do it.
I quite enjoyed it, but I know this book would not be something that I would suggest to read to a lot of people. It combines several evolution theories and expands. It gives a slue of examples and explains in great detail every concept he presents.
As far as homework goes, this is the best one I have done all semester.

Fall of Giants

I have been so behind on blogging it is embarrassing, so bear with me. I finished reading Fall of Giants by Ken Follett a few weeks ago. It took me along time to read it because I am so busy with work and school that my reading time has gone down to 30 minutes in bed before I go to sleep, which usually ends in about 5 minutes and me waking up 2 hours later with the book still in my hands. Also the book is 985 pages long.
This is the third Ken Follett's book that I have read so far and will not be my last. One of my favorite aspect of his books is how he blurs the line between good and evil. Bad people to good things and good people do bad things. It makes the books human, you can relate with the characters and the characters come alive.
This book was based before and during World War I, which I realized I really didn't know that much about that war. Most of the characters in the book are fictional, but all of the events in the book are factual. There are characters on all sides of the war, so you really get a full view of what happened at that time around the world.
I love this book and highly recommend it. Luckily this is the first of a three book series.