Friday, February 25, 2011

One Second After

One Second After is the third book that I have read this year, which is amazing since I am so busy lately. This book is addicting. It is about a small town after a terrorists attack that leaves the United States with out anything electrical working. It is amazing to realize how much our society depends on electricity to survive. This book did make me a little more paranoid and I do want to go out and buy a ton of canned foods, vitamins, and ibuprofen. It is a sad book, but it is a book that is worth a read.

Monday, February 7, 2011

The Art of Racing in the Rain

This book was given to me by my parents after our family dog, Maggie May, died. This book had me crying from the very first page, by the middle I was so angry I was yelling at the book, and by the end I was crying again. It was a very emotional book to say the least. The whole book was written from the perspective of a dog named Enzo, from when he was a puppy until he dies. If you read this book have tissues in hand.