Tuesday, September 20, 2011

New couch

I have had my eye on this couch at Costco for awhile, but it was just to much money. A few weeks ago I noticed that only the display was left for almost half off. I couldn't pass that up, so with help from my coworkers I brought it home. I love my new couch! Here are a few pictures of it and some of our kids!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Our Sunday.

Our Sundays consist of catching up on sleep,

tackling homework,

looking cute,


and just relaxing.

How is your Sunday going? Our's is just perfect!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Up for air.

This was the craziest week so far at U of A. I had two tests this week and a ton of homework. On top of that my husband and I were sick. There was little sleep and I was stressed. I am very happy I made it to this weekend. Now I can regroup sleep and get a head start on next weeks homework.
Taki and Yoshi (the two dogs we were watching) went back home on Thursday. It is interesting to see how depressed my animals got when they left. They loved having them around to play with. Of course I have to added some animal pictures. Here is some of Taki and Yoshi before they left.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Animal House!

So as my previous post claimed, it is crazy around here. I just finished my third week of school. So far so good. Here is a list of what I am taking this semester.
-Microbiology lecture and lab
-Vector Calculus (Calculus III)
-Biosystems Engineering

Also we are taking care of my in-laws two dogs, Taki and Yoshi. They are great dogs and my animals getting along with them really well. Simon has always loved them and you never see the three of them apart. I was a little worried about Arthur, but he is having the most fun with them. Arthur spends a lot of the day attacking a dog so the pack will chase him around the house. It is so cute. Here are some random animal pictures.